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Federal law enforcement agencies that keep Americans safe are starting to feel the strain of the U.S. government shutdown, in its 21st day, with agents working for no pay and investigations delayed, law enforcement officials said.
Four in 10 surveyed say they feel like they're living their lives 'running on empty' - and most turn to coffee to re-energize. Here, some doctors offer tips on how to boost yourself up naturally. They sell millions of bottles every year. How do these mass-produced bottles differ from small-production wines, if at all?
A Texan moves back into his family home, but not before making room for his boyhood hobby.
Why do whales sing? Scientists still arent certain, and maybe the whales arent, either. Ms. Zirinsky, 66, is a legend in television news and a beloved figure within the networks news division. She takes over at a time of intense turmoil. A broadcast often known for boozy troublemaking seemed mainly to want to stay out of trouble this year. Who would bring a suitcase full of olive oil to Portugal, one of the world's biggest producers of the stuff?
We let her go to an expensive private college. Now were not only paying tuition, but were also hearing about all her classmates luxuries. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting a fourth child - again using a surrogate, according to multiple media reports on Wednesday. Emily Atack has admitted that going with so little sustenance while stranded in the jungle made her 'love and appreciate food even more'.
A recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, she was the first woman to serve on the Court of Appeals in Washington. She was soon joined by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
In a court filing, prosecutors asked a federal judge to sentence Ms. Boone to as much as three years in prison for filing false tax returns.
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